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Terry Wildemann
Guest Occupation
Intuitive Leadership Speaker Facilitator, Executive Coach, Podcaster
Guest Biography

From Capsizing to Upright: How Burnout Gave Me Back My Life

After multiple burnouts Terry had to do something different. She lost her business, her clients & health. When she finally asked for help the tools and people she needed showed up!

In her consulting business, Intuitive Leadership®, Intuitive Business and Leadership Coach, Speaker and Best Selling Author, Terry Wildemann, works with
mission driven entrepreneurs and leaders to elevate their business to the next level with speed, ease and flow.

Terry's 40 years of business and leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, and a leadership and holistic education center. She has taught at universities and her clients include entrepreneurs, banks, government agencies, chambers of commerce, and the US military.

She offers insights and guidance to discover gaps and implement solutions to elevate and positively transform your workplace.

Her latest book, "The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader" can be found on Amazon. Terry is also the author of:  "Unlock The Power Of You; 12 Keys to Health, Happiness and Success", and hosts "Your 7th Sense: Business Powered By Angels and Intuition" podcast, sharing enlightening conversations with business thought leaders about achieving success by integrating a practical mindset with intuition and guidance from their Angels and Guides.

Twitter: @TerryWildemann
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Facebook: IntuitiveLeader
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