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Guest Name
Suzanne Taylor
Guest Occupation
Documentary Producer, Writer, Networker, Transformational Strategist, Painter, Actress
Guest Biography

Suzanne Taylor, founder of Mighty Companions, is a producer, writer, and networker. A "transformational strategist," she produces projects and events so that self-aware and thinking individuals have opportunities to meet, to engage, and to further the consciousness shift now sweeping through humanity.

"For years, I've been cross connecting people on the cutting edge of thought. Mostly we've met in huddles at my home in Los Angeles. On this Website, you'll find some of those archives and an active playing field.

"In the first half of my life I did well at traditional things. I was a star at New York University (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude), a cooking fool (The Anybody Can Make It, Everybody Will Love It Cookbook), a Mom of three (now grown-up) girls, a post-impressionist painter (I had a one-woman show), and a working actress (lots of network television commercials). After being Mrs. Him for 14 years, in 1970 I got unmarried and started my second life, looking for me. Going down mind-expanding avenues, I landed in whatever It is that gave rise to everything. Now what I do is serve. I like to do projects and events where people chew on how it will be when we human beings learn to take care of each other.

"In 1989, when some voice that called itself the Intelligence was coming through, I put out a little pamphlet of what it said. I called it Inside the Intelligence: Mapping the Path to Oneness. I let it have its say, sans much steering from me. It has been a guide for me ever since, wising me up about helping this to become a healing rather than a hurting world. When I put up this Website, I tuned into the Intelligence again. This is what it said:

- There is a logic to human existence. We are writing a manual of what that logic is. This is an intelligence speaking. It is the wisdom of the circle.

- Dialogue is the necessary activity now to save the earth. Everyone sees glimmers of a peril looming; all must attend. Reordering must come. It will not result from legislation or from mediating between warring factions. Any imposition will just create more war. No, this needs to BE an otherness that births inside the womb of now.

- This is the voice of humanity's soul. Snap to attention. Come off the meditation cushion. The family needs to forge. The mother is overblown with pregnancy. A creature must emerge.

We have stripped ourselves, prayed ourselves and meditated ourselves into readiness for evolving together. Who knows where we can go? Into other dimensions or other solar systems or able to read each other's minds? These glimmers in our eyes perhaps can happen sometime -- but first oneness has to be our way.

Recognizing Spirit as what we are expressing and not what we are looking for is the alchemy that transforms. We are of God, here to do the things of God; we come together to outpicture divine energy into the plane of matter. I am devoted to helping that occur.