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Guest Name
Steven Meadors
Guest Biography

Steve Meadors has been coined as the proverbial "technical wizard" all his life. Anything he has touched, he has been able to implicitly understand, reassemble, or reproduce if need be.  A graduate of Michigan Institute of Technology, Steve served five years in the U.S. Navy, gaining extensive experience in pneumatics and hydraulics.  He then dabbled in the fields of construction, telecommunications, and computer programming.  Later in his career, he specialized in high-end security system integration, perfecting an exhaustive list of technologies such as photo imaging, access control, surveillance, fire, alarm, time and attendance, and intercom.  Managing  a vast number of multi-million dollar projects, Steve installed, programmed, integrated, and repaired these systems for Fortune 500′s, hospitals, universities,and military installations.

He also specializes in electronics, electrical systems, blueprint review, and electronic circuitry design.

In the past few years, Steven has invented some cutting-edge radionics machines, orgon, zero point, scalar wave, electromagnetic pulse, and healing devices. He has exclusively designed his own circuit boards for all of these devices.

Besides his superb all-encompassing technical acumen, Steve's most resounding qualities are his patience,meticulousness, and willingness to teach others. He is a master team player and phenomenal visionary.

His ultimate goal is to provide technologies that eliminate humanity's pain and therefore, assist in planetary evolution.