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Steve Lips Kudlow
Steve Lips Kudlow
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S T E V E  "L I P S " K U D L O W




A  N  V  I  L



 When it comes to virtues such as endurance, unconditional commitment and a thoroughly down-to-earth attitude, Anvil are the measure of all things. Like few other metal acts, the band surrounding founding members Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow (vocals, guitars) and Robb Reiner (drums), plus bassist Chris Robertson have earned their laurels of blood, sweat and tears. Since their 2009 documentary film The Story Of Anvil, which reveals the unvarnished truth about the music industry, the world has been aware that the day-to-day life of most musicians doesn’t consist of MTV Awards, Grammy ceremonies, red carpets, champagne and caviar but mainly of energy-sapping tours de force with little sleep, junk food and meagre earnings. Yet these difficult conditions have made Anvil what they are today: a band that stands solid as a rock in the turbulent waters of a musical genre that produces like no other music by fans for fans. So, Robb Reiner refers with a sense of justified pride to Anvil’s latest release Legal At Last simply as “one more Anvil album”. Because quotes such as this show that the band has survived despite all adversities, losing none of its musical style or sense of reality. Kudlow, Reiner or Robertson would never use clichés such as “harder, faster, louder” or attempt to present their own accomplishments as superhuman feats. Robb Reiner is right: Legal At Last is simply an impressive new statement by a band that stands for the same values in 2020 as it did when it was first launched in autumn 1978.

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ANVIL gained popularity and new fans since the 2008 theatrical documentary, "Anvil: The Story Of Anvil", which is currently available on Amazon Prime.


A N V I L TOUR 2020

FEB 26 Le Grillen Wednesday, 7:00PM Colmar, France 

FEB 27 Rock 'N Eat Thursday, 7:30PM Lyon, France     

FEB 28 L'Empreinte Friday, 8:00PM Savigny-le-temple, France        

FEB 29 Le Forum Saturday, 8:30PM Vauréal, France     

MAR 01 Willem Twee poppodium Sunday, 3:00PM Den Bosch, Netherlands       

MAR 04 Bannerman's Bar (and The Underworld) Wednesday, 12:00AM Edinburgh, United Kingdom    

MAR 05 The Flowerpot Thursday, 8:00PM Derby, United Kingdom  

 MAR 06 TIVOLI Friday, 7:00AM Buckley, United Kingdom 

MAR 08 The Craufurd Arms Sunday, 7:30PM Milton Keynes, United Kingdom   

MAR 09 Manchester Academy 3 Monday, 7:30PM Manchester, United Kingdom 

MAR 11 Limelight Wednesday, 7:00PM Belfast, United Kingdom    

 MAR 12 Voodoo Lounge Thursday, 7:00PM Dublin, Ireland  

MAR 13 Queens Hall Friday, 8:00PM Nuneaton, United Kingdom    

MAR 14 The Lantern Saturday, 8:00PM Halifax, United Kingdom    

MAR 15 The Cobblestones Sunday, 8:00PM Bridgwater, United Kingdom  

MAR 17 Level 3 Tuesday, 7:30PM Swindon, United Kingdom

MAR 18 Exchange Wednesday, 7:30PM Bristol, United Kingdom     

MAR 19 Chalk Thursday, 7:00PM Brighton, United Kingdom 

MAR 20 1865 Friday, 8:00PM Southampton, United Kingdom

MAR 21 O2 Academy Islington Saturday, 6:00PM London, United Kingdom       

MAR 24 Gebr. De Nobel Tuesday, 7:30PM Leiden, Netherlands        

MAR 25 Turock Wednesday, 7:30PM Essen, Germany  

MAR 26 Kubana Thursday, 7:30PM Siegburg, Germany

MAR 29 Eventhall-Airport Sunday, 6:00PM Regensburg-neuprüll, Germany

MAR 30 Eisenwerk Saal Monday, 7:30PM Frauenfeld, Switzerland   

MAR 31 7er-Club Tuesday, 7:30PM Mannheim, Germany       

APR 01 Backstage Werk Wednesday, 7:30PM München, Germany    

APR 02 Im Wizemann Thursday, 7:00PM Stuttgart, Germany  

APR 03 Konzerthaus Schüür Friday, 8:00PM Lucerne, Switzerland   

APR 05 GARAGE Sunday, 6:30PM Saarbrücken, Germany     

APR 06 Musikzentrum Hannover Monday, 7:30PM Hannover, Germany     

APR 07 Colos-Saal Tuesday, 8:00PM Aschaffenburg, Germany

APR 08 Musik & Frieden Wednesday, 7:30PM Berlin, Germany       

APR 12 Bastard Club Sunday, 8:00PM Osnabrück, Germany   

APR 14 LOGO Tuesday, 7:30PM Hamburg, Germany   

APR 17 Traffic Live Club Friday, 7:00PM Roma Rm, Italy      

MAY 01 Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Friday, 2:00PM Mexico, Mexico


Studio albums bA N V I L

Hard 'n' Heavy (1981)

Metal on Metal (1982)

Forged in Fire (1983)

Strength of Steel (1987)

Pound for Pound (1988)

Worth the Weight (1992)

Plugged in Permanent (1996)

Absolutely No Alternative (1997)

Speed of Sound (1999)

Plenty of Power (2001)

Still Going Strong (2002)

Back to Basics (2004)

This Is Thirteen (2007)

Juggernaut of Justice (2011)

Hope in Hell (2013)

Anvil Is Anvil (2016)

Pounding the Pavement (2018)

Legal at Last (2020)