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Guest Name
Stephanie Lodge
Guest Occupation
Light Worker, Healer, Reiki Practitioner
Guest Biography

Like many light workers, Stephanie Lodge didn’t find the light, the light found her. For the past twenty years, Stephanie has spent hundreds of hours researching spiritual methodologies, healing modalities, ancient mythologies and truth movements in order to acquire enough knowledge to understand the real purpose of life.  It wasn’t until she stopped searching, however, that the truth finally came streaming in with little effort. Over time, the information she received in “channel” would be validated in different ways, giving her the confidence she needed to guide others with the knowledge she received.  Not only were her channeling sessions informative, but soon she was guided to do a new method of healing that combined several rays (or streams) of light specific to balancing the planetary “shift” of human consciousness.

She calls these rays “angelic” because the term “angel” comes from the word “angle,” which is an important aspect of light – its geometry. Angels are simply concentrated beings of light, like mobile stars or starlight if you will, that can stream their divine consciousness into a human mind in channel. Through this mind the “angelic light stream” flows, providing light as knowledge, healing frequency, sound vibration or any other form it chooses to create.  It is a power and a privilege that Stephanie feels honored and humbled by.  She’d like to say that there was some “miracle” or specific event that was the precursor to her suddenly being able to channel in angelic wisdom, but truthfully it was simply her intention and desire that connected her to the light and its emissaries.

Today, she uses her connection to the “stream” to provide healing and guidance to individuals and groups, with often profound effects. As founder of Angelic Light Stream, Stephanie is constantly revising the ALS programs as new information emerges, currently completing the Halonetix System for Ascension and perfecting Conscious Light Training techniques that allows others to begin their own journey into streaming directly from Source.  She is also working on a series of young adult novels to help the next generation of light workers begin their own journey into enlightenment.  On a practical side, she’s a certified Reiki I Practitioner, and is currently exploring other certifications, like Integrative Energy Therapy and Quantum Transcendence to learn additional techniques to enhance her existing intuitive methods.