Guest, Simona Lewis

Guest Name: 
Simona Lewis
Simona Lewis, Illuminati Experiencer
Guest Occupation: 
Illuminati Experiencer
Guest Biography: 

Simona Lewis is a Brahmin (A Brahmin is of Priest Bloodline in India, the highest order in Hindu).

Simona has been in close contact to many of the "Who's Who" known as the late George Carlin once said "the REAL OWNERS and You ain't One of them" aka "Illuminati" since her youth.

Simona has first hand knowledge and experience of the "Illuminati." Many internationally known speakers and broadcasters have often turned toward Simona for the REAL information regarding the "Illuminati."

On When Pigs Fly, Simona will divulge for the first time ever on an international show who "they" the Illuminati really are. What "they" have done. What "they" intend to do. What "they" are afraid of. but most important what you can do about "them."