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Guest Name
Shelly J. Miller
Guest Occupation
Psychic Medium
Guest Biography

Shelly J. Miller is a Spiritual Teacher of A Course in Miracles. Shelly is also a gifted Psychic, Medium and an Akashic Records, ( Past Life ) Reader born with her Spiritual Gifts intact, who has been Reading and Coaching professionally for 30 years. At the age of 2 ½ years old, with a Spirit Guide on either side, Shelly looked down and saw that she was wearing baby sleepers, and realized that she had reincarnated. She was very angry at the thought that God would have sent her back, and determined then to find a way out in this lifetime to the experience of Heaven, One with God. At the age of 33, she asked God directly for an answer to how to find peace and stability in a world of constant change. In response, she was led on an inner journey of awakening towards Christ Consciousness, by learning to release ego and recognize fear and change fear to love. In 2013, Shelly was introduced, for the second time, to the Non Dual Teachings of Jesus in A Course In Miracles. Applying the principles, in 2014, at one of the most challenging times of her life, she was beseeching God for her external circumstances to change to relieve the pain she was in. There was an audible “click” in her head and, in an instant, she had Divine Revelation of God, and experienced the answer to the question she had asked God 24 years earlier. She understood that eternal peace and unconditional love of God exist within us, and nothing need change outside of us for us to experience Heaven within. A second Divine Revelation happened that same year, and she was told by Spirit, that she would become A Course In Miracles teacher, helping herself and others find their way to love, peace and joy that lasts, thereby ending the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. To learn more about Shelly J. Miller and her work, please visit WWW.SHELLYJMILLER.COM/HTML. TO BOOK A PRIVATE READING WITH SHELLY, PLEASE USE THIS LINK: BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE, EMAIL, AND TIME ZONE.