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Guest Name
Sharyn Abbott
Guest Occupation
Author, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian
Guest Biography

BIOGRAPHY:  Sharyn Abbott provided training for entrepreneurs for more than 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a published author of 10 books. She is the founder of the Ultimate business University (UBU) and spent 8 years in the Fortune 500 arena in a sales position. She has owned three entrepreneurial companies and spent the better part of 23 years as an entrepreneur. 

Sharyn founded Youth Enterprise in 1977; was on the Board of Directors for American Diabetes Association and Easter Seals; and did fundraising for Rubicon Homes for abused children throughout the 90s. 

Sharyn created the idea for UBU after her adopted brother became terminally ill in 1998. She became his primary health care advocate and through the ten years of his care became aware of the number of children living on the streets because of the stories he told about being in foster care. UBU is designed to take children off of the streets and empower them to live the fulfilling life they deserve through unique educational and wellness programs.

Sharyn’s school is dedicated to Tony.  It will be based in Belize on several properties: one for the school campus, one for agriculture and one for livestock. Because the campus will have around 25,000 employees within seven years, there will be a new town created for the local employees next to the campus.

Four of her 10 books include: Neuro-Emotional Anti-Sabotage Technique, About Face --Traits Tell Tales,  J.O.B.S. Just Over Broke, and Mixing it Up! The Entrepreneur’s New Testament