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Guest Name
Sarah Kendzior
Guest Occupation
Writer, news commentator and consultant, with specialty in the authoritarian states of Central Asia (former Soviet Republics).
Guest Biography

Together with Bill & Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis and a select few among journalists throughout the world, Sarah Kendzior was named by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of the “the 100 people you should be following on Twitter to make sense of global events”. In October 2013, St. Louis Magazineprofiled Ms. Kendzior as one of 15 inspirational people under 35 in St. Louis. Frequently in the media, Sarah has appeared on the BBC World Service, CBC, HuffPost Live, and Al-Jazeerah for whom she is an op-ed columnist. Among Ms. Kendzior's specialties are the authoritarian states of Central Asia and the former Soviet Union. The work of this prodigious writer is indispensable for a thorough understanding of what is happening behind the scenes of our world.