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Guest Name
Sarah Ellingworth
Guest Occupation
Energy Healer, Psychic
Guest Biography

Sarah is a profound and naturally gifted Energy Healer and Psychic. She passionately embodies and shares her own healing journey, offering support and guidance, holding the light for others on the path of self-healing.

Sarah has extensively studied esoteric teachings through numerous international mystery schools over the last 17 years. 

The last three years, Sarah dedicated her studies with Spiritual Acceleration and mentoring with Bonnie Serratore. This has had an exponential impact on her scope and capacity as a powerful and innovative energy healer.

Through her refined skills of high-frequency channeling and divine connection, she will track and clear frequencies and foreign interference which are keeping you stuck, limited or playing small.

With an innate ability to compassionately cut to the core of the issue, Sarah will help you clear the misconceptions, embrace the learning, and provide divine guidance as you navigate your way forward on your path to self-mastery and reclaiming your divine sovereignty.
As the Lead Accelerator with Spiritual Acceleration, Sarah is teaching Intuitive You & the Foundations courses in 2024. Intuitive You is a 6-week psychic development course which Sarah has redeveloped to include deep clearings in every class to breakthrough blocks and limitations to owning ones psychic and intuitive gifts.

The 10-month Foundations program is being offered in Australia for the first time ever with Sarah leading the way.

This transformative course will revolutionize the way you show up in a healing capacity with the depth and expansion it offers for personal healing and the tools and techniques Bonnie has created to achieve real breakthroughs on the quest for true liberation.  

Sarah lives on the Mornington Peninsula of Melbourne, Australia.

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