Guest, Ron MacLachlan

Guest Name: 
Ron MacLachlan
Ron MacLachlan
Guest Occupation: 
Founder of the pro-police rally, Appreciation Day Organizer
Guest Biography: 

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day organizer Ron MacLachlan beaten w/longboard & bullhorn by BLM/Antifa.
*BLM/Antifa advance notice to police they intended to “shut” us “down.” Police Chief knew. #TheyLetItHappen @denverpolice @jaredpolis @mayorhancock #DenverAnarchoTyranny

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) July 20, 2020

Malkin informed CM that the organizer of the event, Ron MacLachlan, "was beaten with a huge skateboard and bullhorn after leading a group prayer." His head was bruised and bloodied by the incident. There are pictures of MacLachlan's injuries and videos of some of the melee from the confrontations on Malkin's Twitter page.