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Guest Name
Robin Donatelli
Guest Occupation
Court Reporter, granddaughter, daughter, former wife, mother, friend, and enemy of addiction
Guest Biography


I am the granddaughter, daughter, former wife, mother, friend, and enemy of addiction.

I am a quiet observer, angry judge, inept healer, panicked mother, hurt daughter, betrayed lover.

Ignorant of its cause, I lived day by day somewhere in the teetering imbalance of blame and forgiveness, paradise and hell, great joy and great distress, until, with much work, desire, and gratitude, I don’t.

“I’ll Meet You in the Music” is the reconstruction of the story I lived, the way I lived it, the way I came through it.

It is my victory dance, my olive branch, my process I have chosen to share with you in the hope that it supports you in your personal journey, no matter who in your life may be addicted and no matter to what.

There is a way of living, surviving and possibly even thriving, you just might not know how yet, or might not see it, but if I can do it, I believe you can too.

In fact, learn how I found forgiveness for all the addicts in my life, and how I am better for it.

I’m a new woman. I am now a happily married wife, Mother and GrandMother of Five. I have been a court reporter for 33 years.

I golf, I garden, I swim, I write, and not that I am sharing my story, I strive to inspire anyone who can dare to dream beyond their current circumstances to a life better than you could imagine in.