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Guest Name
Roberto Johnny
Guest Occupation
Natural Health Practitioner and Instructor, Orgone Energy Expert, Copper Artist
Guest Biography

The world is ours to make anyway we see fit. If one Man or Woman has the power to change the world, think about how powerful collective souls are when working in concert towards a worthy goal of eternal peace and harmony.

Today, human thought is looked upon as an "infection" throughout the universe, as it reverberates fear and anger throughout.

It's easy to change your "reality" if one chooses. But one thing you have to remember about choice and "free will". If all your choices are being provided for you, you're being directed (controlled). If your free will is "clouded" by your memory bank of the "past" then even your freewill is controlled.

You can empty your mind and go back to "void" (Buddha), "blank" (Shakespeare), "purity of thought (Jesus).

Ask and it is given, but when you ask, ask as if it has already been given, and it will be yours.

In peace.


BIOGRAPHY:  Roberto Johnny began life remembering everything from the moment he was ejected from his mother. At the age of 3, Roberto was ready and almost left (ran away from) home. But, let's face it, after seeing the long path ahead of him, he knew the time wasn't right, so he returned.

From the beginning, Roberto Johnny knew there was something "wrong" with this world. At the age of Zero, he witnessed firsthand how worried, scared, angry his mother was and didn't understand why. Over the decades, glimpses of "truth" presented themselves to Robert along the way, giving him hope that, someday, he'd find the answers he knew were out there, waiting for him, and he did!

Roberto Johnny never excelled in school. He was bored there. He knew everything they were teaching and school for Roberto Johnny was 12 years of "recess" basically. In and out of "trouble" during his younger years, Roberto learned a lot about the world and the control structure that was built up to enslave the masses.

This, of course, angered Roberto Johnny and he rebelled at a young age. Eventually, however, Roberto Johnny "grew up" and realized fighting only makes things worse, and he learned how to LOVE everyone and everything.

Today, Roberto Johnny truly believes that LOVE is the KEY that sets your Soul FREE. And when you're free on the Spiritual Realm, you're free everywhere, mind, body, spirit.