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Robert Brown
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Guest Biography

Robert has experiences from a very early age, being born with the ability to see Spirit. Though at the time not understanding the experiences, these became fully clear and explainable after Robert attends The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, Belgrave Square, London, as a teenager in the early 1970s.

In the 1990s Robert undertakes more travels, notable events were: in 1994, medium James van Praagh has a sitting with Robert and invites him to join in double demonstrations. This results in numerous events which were attended by up to 400 people. In 1996, Robert gives a reading to John Edward; again, collaboration with double demonstrations follow and a residential retreat is organised by John in Barbados in 2000. Later, Robert is delighted to be invited by John, along with Suzanne Northrop and John Holland, to demonstrate at his “4 Mediums” event in Las Vegas with an audience of 1,980 people.