Guest, Rebecca Winkler

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Rebecca Winkler
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Mother of war veteran Drew Winkler who took his life due to PTSD
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Rebecca Winkler will talk about the impact of PTSD on veterans and their families and the tragedy of veterans who take their own lives because of PTSD, as her son Drew did.

Drew Winkler, age 26, of Crestview, Florida, died Monday, May 30, 2016, Memorial Day, after losing his long 5 year battle with PTSD. He took his life after being unable to continue fighting "these demons in my head every day and they are winning." He was just 1 of 22 Veterans suffering from PTSD each day who take their own lives when they can fight no more. Most importantly, he was a loving father, caring son, loyal and trusted brother, and selfless friend. His was a life lost far too soon.