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Guest Name
Rebecca Willman Gernon
Guest Occupation
Writer, Author, Received a BA and MA in Psychology and Counselling, Member of the Southern Christian Writers Guild
Guest Biography

Rebecca Willman Gernon started writing at age 11 when she produced the Dolland News a small daily newspaper typed on her grandmother's old manual typewriter. She also wrote small plays and skits that she had her dolls perform.
Her career with the federal government included a great deal of writing, most of it boring and full of legal mumbo jumbo. In the evening she wrote humor.

Twelve years ago she took an early retirement and was given the opportunity to devote her free time to writing. Her first published story was a veggie fairy take about an eggplant. This was accomplished after two years of writing and submitting manuscripts.

Her plays have won awards or had reading in Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Virginia. Gernon has won a national food writing contest and paced third in a national humor writing contest. She has been published in a number of anthologies. Amy Signs, A Mother, Her Deaf Daughter, and Their Stories, which she co-wrote with her daughter is her first book. She is currently editing her humorous novel for the umpteenth time.