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Guest Name
Peter Kulish
Peter Kulish, Founder, Director, Researcher, Scientis, Inventor and Teacher
Guest Occupation
Founder, Director, Researcher, Scientist, Inventor, Teacher
Guest Biography

Peter Kulish founded the magnetic research company for his Unipolar patent in 1985.

In 1979, Kulish started in researching the science of Magnetohydrodaynamics to investigate and create a fully working magnetic fluid conditioning technology. In the early 80's, his findings lead to patenting the intellectual property of the Unipolar technology - the breakthrough in power and inexpensive application of the guaranteed working magnetic technology. He created a research company in 1985 as CEO to develop the magnetic technology.

He is recognized worldwide for his many applications in magnetic fluid conditioning for increasing energy efficiency and saving money in residential and commercial water process equipment, fuel & energy savings, crop yield increases and environmental benefits of reducing chemical, water and air pollution.

In the mid-90s, as a Director of the world's most advanced science group, the International Tesla Society, he helped guide many inventors and their technologies.

He has worked with and represented magnetic technology to US & International Governments, Energy and Transportation departments at the UN, International heads of state, the Royal Society of the Arts, Prince Charles Trust fund, International Tesla Society, among many others. He has given numerous talks on magnetic technology at scientific associations, radio and TV.

Kulish is recognized for developing BioPhysics break-through protocols in magnet therapy and electromotive medicine to treat serious medical conditions that are used and taught throughout Asia and China Medical Universities/Colleges and advanced practitioners worldwide.

Regarding MagnetoCore technology, Kulish explains "Magnetic technology is a contemporary and simple answer to some of the strong economic/environmental issues that affect everyone's lives. The magnetic solution is a technological first step that can help the entire planet society save money & energy, reduce pollution, grow more food, and use simple advances in healing and health. In fact, we have only touched the surface of the practical and pragmatic benefits of magnetic frequency technologies. This is the new Era of Science."