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Talent Developer expert, Business Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Methodologist and Creator
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Talent Developer expert, Business Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Methodologist and Creator

Since 1984, Opher has been researching, refining and applying unique methodologies which have demonstrated that people can develop multi-disciplinary talent, contrary to the popularly held notion that talent is “natural”.

Originally a jazz musician and teacher who founded the jazz department of Thelma Yellin High school of the fine arts in Israel, Opher has developed and optimized his RTC (Real Time Composition) model for excellent musicianship. During those years he raised an impressive number of both local and international world class professional musicians.

Opher has taught alongside pioneer of competitive intelligence theory and founder of the Academy of Competitive Intelligence, Professor Ben Gilad, in FULD, Boston. He has also developed dozens of unique methodologies and processes for developing talent and the potential found in both individuals and groups. Opher’s latest methodology, “Swing Management”, has enabled companies to shift from startup thinking to corporal level management and vice versa, using original and sophisticated models that were implemented by Opher in the corporate world, as well as in startups.

The Swing Management uniquely enables precise analysis and re-engineering of the strategic management fabric of individual organizations, divisions, departments or ad-hoc teams, as well as the capability of integrating the appropriate strategy and methodology with the most effective and appropriate method of implementation for any given situation. By using three main models – Talent Development, Management Strategies, and Personal Business Relationships, the system enhances the managerial ability of individuals and organizations, thereby improving effectiveness both on an individual level and as part of a broader managerial structure.

Opher assists leading CEOs and industrialists with dedicated management strategies, supports processes in mergers and acquisitions, shares expertise in establishing large corporations, and supports start-ups.

These days, Opher is in the process of launching his latest innovation, The Talent Academy, a worldwide off and online enterprise, based on his Multi-Talent Disciplinary Model.


  • Management Strategies
  • Business Systems’ Dynamics
  • Talent Development
  • Intuitive Innovation
  • Systemic Improvisation & Creativity
  • Networking
  • Problem Solving Techniques

Some of Opher’s clients include:

Orange (communication), Pelephone (communication), Eurocom-Nokia, Cellcom (communication), HP, Gilon (BI), Matrix, Quintyles, Microsoft, Comverse, Amdocs, Good People, Astra Zeneca, NDS, Reckit Benkizer, Tnuva, Strauss Group, Intel, Motorola, Orek, Teva, Dan Hotels, Magic, BBDO EU.