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Guest Name
Monika Szumilak
Guest Occupation
Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist
Guest Biography

Are you wishing to work and play without constant pain?

Monika Szumilak, NCTMB is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist passionate about the healing arts.  With many years of experience in her own healing and in assisting others to heal, she is deeply committed to discovering new and more effective pathways that help us find more freedom in our bodies.  Increased freedom enables us to express who we are and do what we love.  Freedom and health in our bodies help us find more joy, peace and satisfaction in our professional and personal lives and in our relationships.  It is the key to a fulfilling existence.  

Do you want to wake up each morning with gratitude, joy and excitement, saying Yes! to life?

Monika's goal is to use the John Barnes MFR approach to assist you in achieving release from chronic pain and limiting conditions such as backache and sciatica, limited range of motion and limited athletic performance, headaches or neck pain and stiffness.  Her commitment is to use her advanced skills and knowledge, experience and intuition to help you regain freedom in your body and your life. With thousands of hours of training and experience in manual therapy, and with a highly skilled and intuitive touch, Monika is here to guide you in your healing journey towards a life that you truly love.

Do you yearn for a deep, long lasting relief?

Monika's work has been described to provide a safe and nurturing space for her clients to release physical and emotional blockages and return to a pain-free active life they desire.  She has an ability to deeply listen to her clients and guide them to achieve a long lasting profound change in their health and to access greater levels of physical and emotional freedom.