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Guest Name
Milena Oliver
Guest Occupation
Author, QHHT Explorer and Wave II Volunteer
Guest Biography

Milena Oliver is a QHHT explorer and a Wave II Volunteer, as described in Dolores Cannon’s book, "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”.  She is the author of "Ancient Entanglements" and the forthcoming book, “Living in the Light Vibration”, a manual for awakening through vibrational and energetic change.

"Ancient Entanglements" is the story of an unexpected journey through a QHHT Quantum Heling Hypnosis Technique process facilitated by Candace Craw-Goldman.

With intent to get to the bottom of a childhood filled with fears and unexplained memories of extraterrestrials, the author instead journeys to an ancient intergalactic world on the brink of war. Its inhabitants reveal the difficult choices the civilization has to make as well as limitless possibilities for a peaceful and luminous future for all beings near and far. The QHHT session also takes Milena to her Arcturian home a world that has changed dramatically from its origins because of the war. Through her journey information is shared about why Ascension on earth is so critical in our lifetime.