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Michael Rutherford
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UFO Abductee
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MIKE RUTHERFORD No not the guy from Genesis lol! For the better part of his life, Mike's interest in the UFO/Alien experience phenomenon was more of an on the surface interest at best, but seven years ago he had a contact experience that had a profound effect on his life. In order to help others deal with their contact experiences, He is in the process of starting a support group for experiencers, abductees and other interested parties here in the UK. The main focus of the support group will of course be for support of those who have had contact experiences, but the group will not be limited to just this capacity. Valuable information on the confidential level dealing with all aspect of the UFO phenomenon will be shared among the attendee's, and organized sky watches will play an integral part to better understand the phenomenon.


It was about seven years ago, when I had my first UFO sighting, experience' and I will outlay the details of this sighting within this short article, just to let you know a little bit more about where I am coming from, regarding the UFO Phenomena.

My sighting occurred in Dagenham, Essex' a place called Parslows Park, not far from where my wife's old house,( I used to visit her at this house , before moving to our present place ).I walked to the corner of Parslows Park, where I caught something in my vision, which was hanging above a group of trees.The date was 23 / 11 / 97 at 8.35pm in the evening. It caught my attention, because of the shape of the object' it was cigar shaped object, and I thought to myself, this is odd? What can this be, and why is no one else taking any interest in this? This cigar shaped object, had flashing lights at both ends of the object, and with its gray exterior color, I could clearly see what can only be described as a set of windows? Having watched this object for a few seconds,so I decided to walk up to it, I crossed the busy road, hoping to catch a better view of it, but with a total surprise' it just shot bolt upright into the air, and completely vanished? This stunned me so much, that it was a point for me to research the whole area of UFOs, and to this day I am still trying to learn more, and dig even deeper!