Guest, Michael Edelstein

Guest Name: 
Michael Edelstein
Dr. Michael Edelstein, Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Therapist, Trainer, Professional Advisor, Lecturer, Writer and Journalist
Guest Occupation: 
Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Therapist, Trainer, Professional Advisor, Lecturer, Writer, Journalist
Guest Biography: 

Dr. Michael Edelstein, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Michael Edelstein is a clinical psychologist with an in-person and telephone therapy practice. He has appeared on over 300 radio shows, lectures regularly, and trains professionals. He was awarded "Author of the Year" by a the NACBT for Three Minute Therapy and was past president of the Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapists. He has trained volunteers at the National Save-A-Life League in New York City and acts as a professional advisor for SMART Recovery, an addiction self-help group in San Francisco. 

Dr Edelstein has lectured nationally and internationally, has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, and has written extensively for professional journals. He has appeared on hundreds of interviews on radio, TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines and journals.

Personal Statement:

"I'm very lucky I discovered Albert Ellis and REBT at the age of nineteen. I can't say enough about how it has improved my personal life and given me a career I love. I feel deeply rewarded when I see my clients improve dramatically over a short course of therapy."

Three Minute Therapy can help to change your life for the better. You will find yourself looking at life in a different way. Your emotional troubles will seem less mysterious and less powerful.