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Guest Name
Melissa Rebronja
Guest Occupation
Hypnotherapist, Relationship and Life Coach, Energy Healer, Singer and Author
Guest Biography


I am a Hypnotherapist with over 15 years’ experience helping people heal and empower themselves. My modalities include Hypnotherapy, Relationship and Life Coaching, Energy Healing and more.  I hold a safe space for you to relax into your Authentic Presence. I’ve traveled a long way to be the light I am today. I was raised in a harsh culture and abusive family environment, in a country eventually destroyed by war. 

I learned that the only way out… is through; feeling and forgiving the past, surrendering and trusting the future, living fully in the present, here, now, today.  It is my mission to help heal our collective heart, helping YOU live, love and prosper by being your most authentic self. I’ve helped many people remove blocks, heal pain and ultimately discover themselves as their own source of everything they need.

My clients come from the worlds of entertainment, business, music and all walks of life.

I have musical albums released under my full name and EMAR, singing devotional music in over ten different languages. I am currently pioneering a new genre of music called  Hypnotic Dance Meditation, and writing my first book.