Guest, Matt Williams

Guest Name: 
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Guest Occupation: 
Singer, songwriter and Army veteran
Guest Biography: 
Matt Williams is an up and coming singer/songwriter from south Alabama who writes and sings about life and war.


I started in music at a young age, my grandfather had a gospel group so I started learning to play and sing around 3 years old. I grew up in Geneva, Alabama which is a small town but many good people. We grew up swimming in rivers and running through the woods and riding bikes around town. None of us had much money so the simple things in life were our escape. I continued my music by being in the band in school, I was a drummer. I became one of the best snare drummers in the state of Alabama and later the country when I was in high school. I played piano all my life but never in a competition setting, more as a hobby really. I grew up on a chicken farm in right outside of Geneva in a little community called Coffee Springs. My step father grew up there and took over the farm and well my days were interesting as a child to say the least. After high school I joined the Army. I was in the army from 2004-2012. I deployed 3 times as an Infantry Noncommissioned Officer. I toured 2 times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. I lost many friends to the war and gained a family as well.

I have a little boy, Christian Williams, he is my everything and the reason I am doing what I do. I want to build a life for my son and give him the tools he needs in life to succeed. He is my motivation and my purpose.

I write my music based on real life experiences. I feel that artists of lost touch of what it means to write from the heart. I want to touch people in a way that they can actually relate to on so many different levels. I write about mistakes I made in life and what it has cost me, I write about being in the war and losing brothers and I try to put people in my shoes and let them see who I am. I think people enjoy an artist more when they know his or her past, present and future. I want them to hear a song and say, wow; he just described my life perfectly. Hearing people say they love my music because it’s honest and speaks volume about not only my life but theirs as well means more to me than anything. I hope to stand in front of thousands one day and tell stories in a song that make people cry, laugh, make them happy or even a song they can give to someone as an apology but they just can't say the words themselves.