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Guest Name
Mark Schumacher
Guest Occupation
Health Avocate, Coach, Trainer, Researcher, Consultant, Health Educator
Guest Biography

Mark Schumacher attended the University of Fla. as a pre-med major and later worked for 5 years in emergency medicine. After delivering babies in the field, as well as working with cardiac arrest and trauma injuries, he turned his attention to health education, wellness, and fitness.

As a sports coach for nearly 35 years, he currently is a health coach helping individuals understand that they have a choice in how healthy they can be. He believes that only through education can we solve the health care crisis in America. He doesn't believe in reaching for a prescription drug for an easy solution. Prescription drugs rarely will ever cure a disease.

He believes that you transition into a state of ill health over a period of time, and you can therefore transition out of it. The simple advice is to "Stop doing the things that are bad for you and start doing the things that are good for you".

As a two-time National Black Belt champion in Tae-kwon-do at ages 55 and 56, competing against men 20 years his junior, Mark is a great believer in challenging yourself.

Mark is the owner of Enerex USA, the premium line of nutritional supplements that most doctors, as well as Olympic athletes, prefer. He can be reached thru

He hopes to change the information being given to children so that the cycle of disease can be broken. If you look at statistics in the US as far as heart disease, diabetes, dementia and other degenerative diseases, we are failing miserably. One out of three children is expected to have diabetes. This is a dangerous disease causing an amputation every 6 minutes. We have to do a better job.