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Mariel Forde Clarke
Guest Occupation
serologist, hypnotherapist, energy healer, spiritual counselor
Guest Biography

Mariel Forde Clarke – Bio

Mariel Forde Clarke qualified as a serologist in veterinary science many years ago, assuming this was her career for life. 

All that changed in 1992, when she was faced with her own mortality and upon surviving, changed the direction of her life towards a more holistic and spiritual pathway. 

She is certified in many healing modalities, from hypnotherapy, Reiki, crystal healing, shamanism, integrated energy healing, Light body healing, and mediumship, and is an Angel and Ascension teacher, and spiritual counselor. 

She runs a private practice where she lives in Galway, Ireland.
Mariel has dedicated her life to exploring the mystery of life and death. She has studied many cultures where the afterlife is considered our true home. 

From the various research gleaned, she now understands that a belief in an afterlife determines and impacts on how one grieves. 

Anecdotal evidence from many of her workshops showed a prevailing common theme. Participants who believe in an afterlife manage their grieving process in a healthier and more integrative way. 

For others, the afterlife is of no concern, with death being the cessation of all life and communication.
Mariel runs frequent workshops, including: The Journey of the Soul, Life after Physical Death, Coping with Loss, and Healing Through the Grieving Process. 

Other workshops include Spirituality in the Workplace, Angels and Spiritual Awakening, Ascension – Finding your Way Back to Source, The Way – The Chalice of Light, and The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene.

Synopsis of Mariel Forde Clarke’s Book Where After: Where Do Our Loved Ones Go After They Die?

Where – do our loved ones go – After they die? 

This question has traversed the universe for centuries and is considered one of life’s greatest mysteries. 

While many of the world’s renowned philosophers, scientists, theorists, doctors, and great mystics have endorsed the existence of the afterlife, no one book has been available to explore it all, until now.

Mariel Forde Clarke asserts that whether you believe in God or heaven, you can be comforted by the sense that an afterlife exists beyond the realm of one's physical comprehension. 

Drawing on the findings of patients who have had near-death experiences and visions, and on those of renowned scientists and doctors, Clarke helps the reader chart the journey of the soul and navigate their grief.

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