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Guest Name
Lisa Williams
Guest Occupation
Psychic, Healer, Medium, Author, Lecturer
Guest Biography

I was very young when I first saw spirits... I didn't know that these people were actually dead, I thought they were friends and family that were coming to visit, but then they started to tell me how they died. It was really strange, especially when my parents just thought it was my over-active imagination.

I lived with this gift for years and my grandmother was also in the closet about her Mediumship gift until my grandfather passed away when I was 7. She finally came out and started to give readings and became very well known in the UK. 

She told me that I would continue with her gift, but I didn't believe her... I had other dreams I wanted to follow.

I finally started to tell people about my visions and Spirits. Some people accepted it while others, like my father, questioned it. But I didn't allow anyone to tell me what I was seeing... I knew what I was experiencing and that was enough for me.

Then a friend of mine was telling me about her boyfriend on the phone and I told her some things that were coming to me. I didn't know how I knew the information but I knew it, and it all happened to be true. She started to tell clients of hers and next thing I know I'm getting calls to do readings. 

So that's how it started. I never advertised, it was all word of mouth and soon I was giving up my day job to work as a Psychic Medium full time.

I was invited to come to USA for a period of time in 2004 and during my stay I met Merv Griffin and that's when my life turned upside down. I didn't know who he was - I didn't realize he was the brains and the face of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. To me he was a sweet, older gentleman who believed in my gift.  

He brought me to America and created the hit TV Show, 'Life Among the Dead' and "Voices from the Other Side' with thanks to Lifetime TV. Now these shows and 'Lisa Williams Live' are playing all over the world.  Who would have thought English girl from Redditch?!
I have had many life-changing experiences which have helped me realize that my calling in life was to help others and change lives. 
My gift is sharing and helping those who need help through my weekly Radio Show as well as Shows and Events throughout the world as I connect people to their loved ones who have passed on. I teach spiritual development courses and train Mediums and Psychics so that they can share their gift with others.