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Guest Name
Lisa Marie Wilson
Guest Occupation
Writer, actress, and producer
Guest Biography


Lisa Marie Wilson is a writer, actress, and producer who was born in Michigan but currently resides in Los Angeles. Her first novel, Traveling Daisy, A Generational Cancer Story of Disease and Dysfunction, explores the question, “Did I cause my own cancer?” Her second novel, Dating for Dinner, Ordering Love, is about the dating scene in Los Angeles. She is currently writing her 3rd book, Love Letters From a Pickle Factory about her father who was an Elvis impersonator.” Lisa’s articles about cancer and dating can be found on the Huffington Post.

As an actress she has appeared on Ten Things I Hate About You, The Young and the Restless and Port Charles as well as many independent features and national commercials. Lisa wrote, acted in, and produced the TV pilot Over The Hills starring Robert Wagner and Tim Conway about struggling senior actors who create a reality show. She also produces music videos, industrials, short films, documentaries and commercials. She is the proud mom to her daughter Amelia who is a singer/songwriter.