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Lee Harris
Lee Harris
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I have learned from my own life, and from working with others, that everything does and will change in time - experiences, beliefs,emotions, relationships. Life is fluid and evolving, and since evolution is a constant, so are our opportunities for growth,enhancement, and learning.

As a channeler for voices from spirit rather than the body, my direct experience is that spirit exists, and that we can each find more of our spirit within ourselves as human beings. As we do so, we increase our energies of peace and love which positively transforms us as individuals and the world.

I daily surrender to not knowing, and not 'believing'. For anything firmly believed can always evolve, or be challenged. The battle over opinions and points of view among people is the root cause of our conflicts in the past and now. I do not seek to engage in the war over 'right' and 'wrong' which simply reinforces our separation. Instead, my focus is on a more compassionate heart in my experience of life, and the growth of more loving people on our planet. I therefore know that I have to constantly nurture the love in myself where and whenever possible.

My journey as a channeler began in 1998. I heard the voice of 'Zachary' first, and he explained he was part of a greater collective of 88 spirit guides. I was a spiritual and self-development explorer at that time and in the following years I had almost daily conversations with Zachary and the collective. I never expected to use my skills as a channeler and intuitive as a career, but by 2006 it had become my full time vocation. In 2007, Zapharia and Ziadora, stepped forward to join Zachary as the 3 public spokespeople for the collective.

In the past 7 and a half years, I have worked with over 1700 people worldwide in personal sessions, led seminars and retreats in 10 different countries, delivered online video broadcasts and hosted 2 spiritual radio shows. Writings are a significant component of my work and my monthly energy forecasts which highlight the energetic opportunities and challenges each month has become a stable of my offerings.

Being a messenger from the field of collective intelligence as a vocation has been an incredible experience on so many levels. Through working with people from so many places in the world who are engaged in a seemingly infinite number of paths, I have been lucky enough to constantly see the universal love and openness that links us all. Whoever we are and whatever is our life experience, the truth of a loving and open heart is always present when we can calm and return ourselves to centre.

My simple wish with every area of my work, is that it may help people to better remember who they are and how to find more balance in life.

When we remember that we are of spirit as much as we are of the Earth, new possibilities are born, and no feeling or thought we may have becomes judged, or seen as a barrier. It all simply 'is'. Part of the tapestry of you to discover. And in that allowing, with no fight, we can become one with ourselves and others once more.