Guest, Leah Santa Cruz

Guest Name: 
Leah Santa Cruz
Leah Santa Cruz
Guest Occupation: 
Meditation Teacher and Bodyworker
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Meditation Teacher // Bodyworker

Leah has developed a modern and accessible approach to meditation that integrates psychology and the neurosciences (the focus of her studies) with the instinctual choreography of our inner nature. After nearly a decade working at Microsoft and startups, Leah tailored her meditation practice for the day-to-day, in order to minimize anxiety and stress while improving inner happiness and quality of life. A personal odyssey that took her from “stressed out to chilled out.” As she states, “Harmony of mind and body is a beautiful concept but doesn’t mean much to someone under stress.”

Her intensive training with master teachers such as Dr. Lorin Roche Ph.D., Camille Maurine, Steve Ross and Google’s “Search Inside Yourself Institute,” make her style the perfect go-to for artists, young professionals and people with busy lifestyles.