Guest, Laura Van Tyne

Guest Name: 
Laura Van Tyne
Guest Occupation: 
retired public school educator and psychic
Guest Biography: 

Tina Erwin is a retired US Navy Commander and a psychic. Laura Van Tyne is a retired public school educator and psychic. Together, they are a psychic team with a spiritual mission. As co-hosts of The Karmic Path, they unite spirituality, science and psychology to help people to gain unique, down to earth insights into the world of karma. As professionals, they have had challenging experiences that forced them to learn how to cope with psychic/spiritual issues.

They lay down the logic trails of life (and death) and offer useful tools and resources to enable people to learn how to take their power back. Bad things seem to happen to good people. They offer logical explanations and practical solutions and insights into spiritual problems, such as:

  • Why did my dad beat me?
  • Why was I raped?
  • Why did my mom leave me?
  • Why is my brother handicapped?

Talking Points:

(If you have other ideas, we are open to suggestions to what will benefit your audience.)

  • What is karma?
  • What is a karmic ripple effect?
    • What happens when we begin to understand this?
  • In a world out of balance, the best we can do is to learn how to best help our sphere of influence
  • The microcosm: (We can use you as an example, if you like about how your accident forced you to change your karmic path and lead you into a new direction or we can use an example from Tina or Laura)


  • The macrocosm: Corporate influence
  • Georgia Pacific replanting to keep the earth in balance VS Loggers in Siberia who have decimated the permafrost, which will have a global impact.
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  • Firstlight11
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  • Landline: 619-466-6918
  • Mobile: 619-517-7824
  • Current Email:

  • Questions@TheKarmicPath
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  • Laura Van Tyne is a psychic and former public-school teacher. One morning she discovered her daughter could see and talk to ghosts and other beings. Many of these beings were nefarious and soon their home turned into a “house of horrors” with sleepless nights and many events they could never share with family and friends. Psychic ability, spirituality and karmic laws are tied together. She shares that when we begin to understand how they work, we gain insights that are crucial to our soul evolution and spiritual paths.