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Kristi Burton Brown
Guest Occupation
Political Candidate, Author, Attorney, Evangelical, an associate scholar, Journalist, Editor
Guest Biography

Author. Attorney. Evangelical. Focused on justice, truth, hope & freedom. Every life is full of inherent worth. Best use of spare time? Cooking. Opinion Columns and Educational/Legal Research by Kristi Burton Brown: Live Action News: Charlotte Lozier Institute: Townhall:

Kristi Burton Brown, an associate scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute, is an attorney focusing on First Amendment and sanctity of life issues. She has worked on pro-bono projects for Life Legal Defense Foundation, Live Action, Child Evangelism Fellowship’s parent organization, and Alliance Defending Freedom. She is also journalist and editor for Live Action News and a contributor to The Christian Post.

Longtime Anti-Abortion Activist Kristi Burton Brown Could Be the Next CO GOP Leader

As Chair of the Colorado GOP, I will build an effective state-wide collaboration network that works with our grassroots and advocacy organizations, our elected officials, and our candidates to win back our state.

I am a unifier and a collaborator. I know the only way we move forward is when we strategize together and do not divide ourselves.

I will transform the State Party into a service-oriented organization for our county parties and our candidates instead of a top-down, control group.

I will reform and revitalize our communications strategy, broaden the reach of our Party, and go directly to the voters.
We must expose the Democrats (and WE WILL!), but we must go a step further and paint a future-focused, forward-facing, positive vision for Colorado. It’s about Jobs, Kids, and the American Dream.

Grassroots and Party benefactors believe in my plan and are already committed to coming alongside me to build a vibrant State Party. We will implement business models and grow our small dollar donor program for longterm success.

I will work to recruit effective candidates across the state who represent their diverse districts. We must ensure that candidates have the resources and training necessary to win.