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Guest Name
Kevin Devine
Guest Occupation
CEO and founder of VIVIFY, NFL's Fastest Man, Professional Football Player, Track Athlete, Food Medicine Researcher
Guest Biography

Kevin Devine CEO and founder of VIVIFY graduated from University of California at Berkeley where he was a four year letterman and starter 1993 to 1997. Entering the NFL with blazing speed in 2007, Kevin earned the title ‘NFL’s Fastest Man’ as published in BFS Magazine, posting times in front of NFL scouts as low as 4.09 on more than one occasion.  He now has turned his passion for competition into passion for compassion, and now excels by bringing you, your family, and your pets healthy, effective, and all-natural alternatives for today’s daunting health issues.  

Born in Mississippi to an active bodybuilder, to this day, Paul Devine, who is currently 70 years old, Kevin is no stranger to keeping ones body fit.  Having not only been a professional football and track athlete, he learned on his own the aspects of health that was missing in his training.  Kevin now focuses his energy and talents in helping people reach, not only their fitness goals, but their health goals as well.

Kevin and his wife, Akwi, started Vivify-Nutritional Blood Analysis and Amazing Amazon Herbs together, to bring the power of Mother Nature’s natural healing and homeostasis properties to the Western World.  Kevin believes in the ability to harness the power of nutrition and exercise and that doing so is a significant key to enjoying and elongating our life.  ”Let the Food be thy Medicine.”