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Guest Name
Kenneth Todd
Guest Occupation
Life Coach Podcaster
Guest Biography

I believe you deserve to live your best life. Your life should be rich and filled with wonderful health, fulfilling relationships, involved in jobs and careers that you love and are passionate about and be blessed with financial abundance.

Why is it that some people struggle along in life, never get out of first gear or hit their limits and feel stuck and confused, yet for others they seem to have the golden touch and everything in their life seems to be working and extremely rewarding?

There is no need to feel hopeless, frustrated and out of control.

If that is how you feel or you are looking to break though existing limits. then let me show you how.

I work with you to identify and change your paradigms – which are your habits and beliefs – which are preventing you from achieving the results you truly want in every area of your life. I focus on the primary goals and objectives YOU want to achieve.

My Coaching is a strategically designed mix of education, accountability, and action. Action toward the progressive realization of your dreams.

Your goals might be in the areas of financial and career success, self-image, personal relationships, or improved business habits and sales strategies. You will identify and change the patterns of thinking that stand between what you have and what you want.

My passion and purpose in life is to see people make positive changes in their lives. I want you to succeed, to feel inspired, motivated and happy.

I am currently in my fourth decade on my journey in this life.  Born and raised in South Africa, I have traveled to many different countries, lived in London and I now call the USA my home.  I worked in Investment Banking for 14 years, Founded my own Digital Marketing Agency and Coaching Business.

Life to me is a continual cycle of growth and opportunity.  No matter how bad the fall or downturn, it is an opportunity for us to makes positive changes in our life and grow.

My life was pretty frustrating for most of my life.  I lost my father to cancer when I was only 11 years old.  I watched my parents lose everything and my mother being left with 4 kids at home, with no income and no money.  I loved my childhood, but it wasn’t always easy with no father and no cash.  Oblivious to me at the time, but my thoughts and those powerful circumstances were adding powerful messages and thought patterns that would shape my life in future years.

Over time more and more layers of disappointment, fear and not knowing my purpose in life created powerful sub-conscious habits, also known as paradigms, that kept me stuck.  The harder I tried, and I ended up doing very well and paid my way through college and successfully fought my way into a career in Investment Banking, I still felt stuck, full of fear and uncertainty.

Eventually my world came crashing down around me, I lost my job, I got really sick for about 5 years, lost all my money and went through foreclosure courts with my house.  It wasn’t fun and I disliked being in those situations, but looking back it was the best thing that happened to me.

I had changed!

I had been studying the mind and personal growth for a few years prior to that.  That allowed me to be better prepared for life’s challenges.  Slowly through more pain and suffering I began to understand that I was actually in control and I wasn’t a rudderless ship exposed to the elements, luck and chance and having my life path dictated to me by powerful unseen forces. When I started to understand this, further my studies and apply this new knowledge, my life began to shift and change for the better.

For the first time in my life I understood my purpose, I had a clear image of what I wanted, how I was going to get there and I took action. So now I want to share that knowledge with you together.  Help you, coach you and be part of your journey to your best life, NOW!