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Ken Gidge
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
ARTIST - Politician - Talk show host
Guest Biography

Ken Gidge has been
A champion flagpole sitter (see The Guinness Book of World Records 1974),
The last Santa Claus at Lord and Taylor in Boston (this has got to tell you something)
The last person married in 1969 and the first person married on an airplane at the same occasion
Appeared on To Tell the Truth and as a political pundit for channel 9 TV
The inventor of Frididoor - energy saving plastic doors marketed worldwide,
The inventor of a boomerang Frisbee
Host to the National Inventor’s Award presented to the young inventors Curtis Lawson 9 and Lewis Barton 14 - presented by President Bush Senior, (see Video Showcase Dec 28 1982)
Owner of Barnaby’s night club that offered a variety of music from the CARS to MUDDY Waters
A published poet,
A restaurateur,
A Business Broker,
CEO of Cheers Auto and Trucks Sale
Ken has been invited to supervise the creation of the largest abstract painting in the world
The Radio Talk Show host of Night Orange, a Writer, and an Artist.
Creator of a new Art Form – Gidge 3D – spectral illusions

Gidge 3D- spectral illusions.
An Innovation in Art not done by style or subject matter but rather by combining variables that generate the optical illusion of depth or projections into or off the canvas is exceptional. Ken Gidge has originated the craft to make shapes on a flat canvass appear to float when special 3d glasses are worn. See

As part of the Nashua Pride celebration
And the Telegraph’s 175th birthday
The world largest abstract painting will be unveiled
July 27th 2007
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