Guest, Keith Amber

Guest Name: 
Keith Amber
Keith Amber, Message Therapist, Healer and Spiritualist
Guest Occupation: 
Message Therapist, Healer, Spiritualist
Guest Biography: 

Keith Amber began his spiritual path at the age of nine with the realization that he was winning almost every game he played by running over the competition with the use of his willpower. He stopped this behavior and started helping the underdog instead. In an attempt to figure out many of life's mysteries, he disciplined himself to read the Bible for a minimum of one hour per day during his three years in high school. After two years of college, at the age of 22, he left to train and work as a massage therapist and quickly became the manager of one of the largest health spas in Reno, Nevada. During this time, his spiritual gifts as a healer began to emerge. Ardently, he studied self-realization, Black Elk healing, and meditation.

After several years, Keith stopped working as a massage therapist and began a full time practice as a Spiritual Healer-Reader, Offering Sound Answers to Life's Tough Questions. He has worked with thousands of clients, helping them to understand the lessons they are learning on their path. This work exposed Keith to volumes of fascinating information about the inner workings of our lives and lessons and how to transform our daily lives and our souls.