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Guest Name
Katya Turner
Guest Occupation
writer photographer designer
Guest Biography

Katya is a new mommy and author of  I WAS MADE TO DO THIS – Inspirational Guide For Natural Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth, the creator of the web community,  happiness coach and the teacher of INSPIRED PREGNANCY Online Class. She writes for Collective Evolution and Natural News and gives private sessions on how to get and stay happy and inspired all throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Her pregnancy story is off the charts. In just 9 months she transformed from a busy over-thinking, paralyzed by fear city girl with cigarette in one hand RedBull in another, to vegan non-smoking, gardening meditating and writing self-help books mommy. And the happiest person she knows.

Her transformation and success inspired her so much, that she desperately wanted to share it with other women, to help them get over their fears, to help inspire and empower them. That is why the book I WAS MADE TO DO THIS came to life, along with the website that collects all information and inspiration for natural pregnany and natural childbirth.

Now she is starting a brand new online class called INSPIRED PREGNANCY where she will share with you all she knows about how to get and stay happy and inspired all throughout pregnancy and afterwards into motherhood, how to stay happy and centered through all the discomforts of pregnancy and labor, how to love yourself and set loving boundaries and so much more.