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Kathy Kirk
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Applied Spirituality Educator
Guest Biography

Kathy Kirk, a Consciousness Bridge and Light Worker, is the creator of Applied SpiritualityTM - a body of work synthesized over 30 years to assist the evolution of individuals and mankind into the Golden Age by bridging science and spirituality and all other perceived dualities. Kathy’s background includes the sciences (premed) and business (corporate and entrepreneurial). A graduate of Cornell University, Kathy is the author of two books, Well Done – A Story of Applied Spirituality, and The Earthling's Quick Start Guide. Kathy reinterprets everyday events in terms of the Quality of Consciousness at her blog, A New View and for the Cleveland Plain Dealer at For over a year, Kathy hosted a New View of Life Radio Show encouraging Americans that the most patriotic thing they can do is to expand their minds and open their hearts into a New Higher Perspective.

Kathy, a powerful and humorous speaker, has addressed such groups as NAS North Island, Qualcomm, BAE Systems, SPAWARS, Mensa, the US Post Office, Cornell University, the Department of Defense, Phoenix House and San Diego County Libraries. She gives seminars, workshops and classes. Her signature class in self mastery , The Course: Loving YourSelf Unconditionally, is offered 2 times a year or for private groups on demand. Her course, The Round Table Reunification of Parts is groundbreaking, as her method works with the Quantum Field. She does group, personal and executive coaching; and she loves to customize her talks to the audience’s area of interest.


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There is An Elegant System of Well Being: You Are An Integral Part of It

Watching current events in today's world might suggest that there's only chaos, the world is lost, and there's no hope. Yet just the opposite is True.

There is an Elegant System in which we are all included. This System is one of absolute Well Being and order. Becoming aligned with that System is the process of Self Mastery.  Applying the knowledge and wisdom of lessons learned in this life and all others expands consciousness such that it aligns and unifies with that of Higher Dimensions, Source Energy.

Everything is Applied Spirituality. Science is the language of Source Energy. The question becomes how clear is one's expression of that energy?

Practicing discernment, rather than judgment; loving all the fragmented parts of self back into Oneness with Soul; and loving yourSelf unconditionally are the roads Home to Self and creating a more beautiful world which we all know is possible. It's a Natural and Simple Process tested over eons of time and worlds. It has always been done this way. The way Home is through intention, compassion and love - first for self, then it comes automatically for all others.

We are becoming more fully human to now include all our parts. It's the adventure we all came to participate in and witness and rejoice in: the planet Earth and all humanity is awakening. It's the Super Bowl of the galaxy and each one of us is playing an important and integral part. Let's understand how to enjoy it fully.