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Guest Name
Karen Abrams
Guest Occupation
Master Theta Healer, Instructor
Guest Biography

Karen Abrams first came to Theta Healing after watching a friend completely transform her life. Through Theta, Karen gained immediate and lasting relief from chronic health issues that had overwhelmed her for six years.

Not only did it have a profound effect on her physical health, but Theta also helped heal Karen’s personal relationships and bring her a welcome sense of inner calm. It expanded her educational businesses—she began to get a more steady flow of clients and money. Her creative work as a singer-songwriter reached new heights. She started consciously creating her own success.

Inspired by the changes in her own life, Karen began to study Theta intensively and is now a Master Theta Healer and certified instructor. Over the past 8 years, she has filled her practice with clients and healers from around the world.

Listen to Karen’s Midlife Miracle Radio interview, “Finding Courage to Pursue Dreams” with host Moira Shepard (MP3 format recommended for high speed connections only).


Karen’s Theta Healing practice has been years in the making. A UCLA graduate in Psychology, Karen honed her listening and observing skills through her extensive experience in the education field. From middle school pupils to university students, from top private schools to struggling public schools, Karen has worked with a broad range of students in diverse environments for 30 years.

Her background in education programming is both qualitative (she developed programs in stress management and confidence building) and quantitative (in 1993 she founded Upgrade Academic Coaching, a company dedicated to teaching students to improve their test-taking test performance, concentration, and study techniques).

All this, coupled with her sense of humor and her ongoing commitment to personal growth make her a natural Theta Healing practitioner and instructor.