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Guest Name
Joy Turner
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Teacher, Animal Communicator
Guest Biography

Joy Turner has been the bridge between thousands of animals and their humans. She is a spiritual teacher and leading animal communicator with clients around the world.

Being able to understand animals has been with me my whole life. I was born with the two most important qualities to be able to effectively and completely communicate with all species. First, a deep, abiding love for all life and animals in particular; and, second, the belief in animals' equality with humans. Communicating with all species is a natural ability I was born with, and my parents, instead of teaching me out of it, had the grace to allow it to be and encourage me.

It is through this deep, abiding love, respect and honor that animals have come to trust me to accurately and completely deliver to their humans any message they choose to communicate. They trust that no matter what is said, I will deliver the message exactly as it was given to me; without translation, using the exact words and thoughts, even the exact tone and inflexion if they want me to, so that their humans hear all the nuances of what they have to say.