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Jonathan Masters
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Author and Meditation Teacher
Guest Biography


Jonathan grew up in Concord, Massachusetts. For Masters, the backdrop of history was never far away, as Concord was home to the start of the American Revolution, Walden Pond, David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott and Ralph Waldo Emerson. His family enjoyed a semi-rural life and a dramatic changing of the seasons. From the backyard, Jonathan, his Dad and his telescope could often be found there gazing at the clear night sky.

His physicist dad played Dixieland music, and loved of classic and contemporary cars. One of Jonathan’s early memories was seeing the first ruby laser – (which filled a room) – shoot a coherent beam of red light onto a piece of paper. For Jonathan, it sparked a life-long quest to understand the nature of life and the universe.

After graduating with an MBA from Northwestern and a stint in NYC in consulting, Jonathan lived in a spiritual community in Fairfield, Iowa for several years, and meditated in the golden domes twice a day. There, he worked with a master healer – who carried the vibration of Madhu-chhandas, or embodiment of bliss. As he began working with her and with the principles of Right Use of Will, Masters says “My understanding and experience of reality was expanding quickly – and limiting, mostly unconscious beliefs, or samskaras, were being dissolved. This included beliefs that; we couldn’t be or live as we want, we limit ourselves for a reason, and we really don’t deserve or know how to use our power. My experience was that essential elements of myself were brought back, including learning how to bring them back. These experiences gave me a sense of integrated, expanding wholeness that really is the basis for the book.”

God Has Infinite Frequency: Aphorisms for Our Fractured Age has also had its own process of evolution and refinement, finally arriving in the current form. Blending art and insight, this beautifully crafted book takes us on a tour of many of our dearly held beliefs – challenging them, and giving us the precious opportunity to reconsider, feel, and to see things anew. Jonathan says of the book:

I feel like the steward of this book as much as its author, and although I am a fairly private person, let me share a perspective. We all have inward and outward journeys, and for me, the book is a meeting point between the two. The markers of my inward journey include learning and teaching meditation, being under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Right Use of Will, and working with other people and guides to expand awareness and develop inner light and stability. My outward journey is perhaps more traditional; husband, father, entrepreneur, inventor, amateur musician, professional consultant. But I also want to tell you, dear reader, that the story of me is deeply embedded in the story of us. The beginning of Earth as a crystal planet – from light and rocks to flowing life – and the long journey to now. And of course, the many times we tried. Tried to heal, tried to find balance and connection with ourselves and with love – tried to come to the point of silence and knowing within ourselves and our community. And how we seemed, so often, to be set back by our own limitations and fragmentation. And yet – how we emerged each time – maybe more condensed, but also more humble and grounded and wise, and knowing we belong to the vast totality – our small individualities like so many spots on the leopard, vanishing in the grass, hidden in the Savannah on Earth, rounding the Milky Way, in our tiny corner of space – and an integral part of the whole cosmos.

Jonathan lives with his wife in Zurich, Switzerland near a forest with great trails where he loves his daily bike ride. They also enjoy trips to the Alps, and when possible, an annual sojourn to the azure Mediterranean Sea.