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Guest Name
John White
John White
Guest Occupation
Basketball Scout/Trainer
Guest Biography

John White is a former Ballard High Standout in Louisville Kentucky. He also attended University of Southern Mississippi where he helped lead the Golden Eagles to an NIT Championship victory. This is a significant pause in history because it is not only the first of this kind of win on the campus, but it is the only one that the university has had in its history. John spent 14 seasons playing professionally in Europe.

John has played at the highest level in Europe and was the leading scorer for the league while playing in England, France, Cyprus, Austria, Venezuela and Finland. His dynamic leadership on and off of the court earned him a plethora of accolades and awards in several of the countries he played in. Mr. White is known as "the man to get the ball to in the clutch". His skillful ability to create shots from anywhere on the court earned him the "MVP" title on most of the teams he played. His passion for the game of basketball coupled with his experience has earned him several coaching positions since his tenure . It comes as no surprise that , during his first year of coaching a semi-pro team, that John would snag a championship title. In addition to that, he is still revered as one of the greatest shooters in the game of basketball (according to his peers and previous coaches alike). His shot precision technique is sought after by many who encounter him. He is no amateur by any stretch of the imagination.

He is presently a scout for Global Basketball. He is also very active in his AAU sports club and coaches an Peak Performance 8th grade AAU team. John is married with 4 children who adore him.