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Guest Name
JoAnne Cremer
JoAnne Cremer, Ordained Minister, Humanitarian Activist, Cryptologic Linguist and Russian Air Force
Guest Occupation
Ordained Minister, Humanitarian Activist, Cryptologic Linguist, Russian Air Force
Guest Biography

A Christian for 25 years, JoAnne is an ordained minister and humanitarian activist, currently working to assist people with faith crisis solutions and the advocacy of ending forced vaccinations. Previously serving in the Air Force for 16 years as a Russian Cryptologic Linguist with a Top Secret/SCI clearance, JoAnne was awarded the Meritorious Service Award at 23 years old, the peacetime Army equivalent of the Bronze Star. Holding previous proficiencies in Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and French, having traveled to over 14 countries and living in Europe for 12 years, JoAnne has a first hand appreciation for diversity of international culture. She brings this professionalism, consciousness, sensitivity and experience to her advocacy work and in addition to founding an online free ministry school with over 700 Christians and Christian pastors enrolled, she has also has co-founded a nearly 7,000 member Facebook Group that works to raise awareness around the world on the issue of the swine flu and the deadly vaccination agenda. In addition to founding the Anti-Forced Vaccine Alliance to network activist groups and their resources, she has launched an international discussion board and coordinating news web site to assist activists, highlight current news, provide community tools and media kits for raising awareness, monitor the outbreak, and circulate credible research on vaccine alternatives and health tips for managing self care. JoAnne is deeply committed to caring not only for the quality of faith and spiritual needs of humanity, but also the quality of life.