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Guest Name
Joan Ocean
Guest Occupation
Cetacean Researcher, Dolphin Communications Expert, Delphin Tel-Empathic Communication Authority, Psychologist, Shaman, Scientist, Educator, Author, Producer
Guest Biography

In 1978, Joan Ocean first met John C. Lilly, MD, cetacean researcher, and felt very moved by the information he shared. She offered to work with him on his underwater dolphin communication project. Although this volunteer work did not come to pass, Joan felt a connection with Dr. Lilly and his extraterrestrial experiences that seemed to stimulate her eventual relationship with the dolphins. The dolphins then began to contact Joan through meditation and expanded consciousness, but being a non-swimmer, she did not yet enter the water to meet them.

After meeting Jean-Luc Bozzoli and experiencing his dolphin-inspired, multi-media art presentation, Ms Ocean learned to swim and began swimming with cetaceans in oceans and rivers in many countries. When a California Gray whale came close to the island shores of British Columbia, and looked directly into her eyes, Ms Ocean experienced a communication between herself and the whale that changed her life forever. She understood that cetaceans around the world are trying to communicate with us. She experiences the gentle communication of the dolphins and whales as sound holography, a language that intensifies physical senses, bypasses rational-cognitive paradigms, resonates directly with our cellular intelligence, and awakens multiple levels of perception and consciousness.

In 1984, Mr. Bozzoli and Ms. Ocean founded their organization, Dolphin Connection, to explore the advancement of human consciousness, biophysics and spirituality by producing visionary films, books, artforms and Ocean Seminars encouraging friendships between people and ocean-swimming dolphins and whales.

Ms. Ocean has led dolphin-communication workshops in many countries, including Egypt, England, former Soviet Union, India, Australia, Japan, Spain, Indonesia, Peru, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Polynesia, where she has swum among Spinner, Bottlenose, Spotted, Common, Amazon, and White-sided dolphins, also Blue whales, Fin, Right, Sperm, Gray, Sei, Humpback, Pilot, Melon-headed, Beaked, Brydes and Orca whales. She has dedicated her life to studying cetaceans by respectfully joining them in their natural habitats and becoming their friend.

She continues to conduct daily personal research with the cetaceans from her Dolphin Connection home in Hawaii. Identifying dolphins by name and noting their family groups, Joan has befriended Pods A, B and C in Kona, Hawaii. Her video film of her daily interactions with the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins is entitled: Dolphin Connection: Open To The Sea.

Regarded as an authority on the subject of Dolphin Tel-Empathic Communication, she has developed the methodologies of her work, entitled Participatory Research, in which human and cetacean species are equally conducting research with each other. Joan has shared her research and knowledge with audiences at both the International Whales and Dolphin Conferences and The Prophets Conferences over the past ten years and has been interviewed in magazine articles and for television by such shows as, CBS' 48HOURS program, Animal Intelligence in 1999, and the TBS [Tokoyo Broadcasting System] programs on dolphins. She has been the subject of numerous radio interviews including an appearance on the Art Bell radio show as his guest in 1998.

A Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, Joan Ocean is a psychologist, shaman and scientist who creates environments that support people in transition from one lifestyle, one dimension, and one physical form to another.

Ms. Ocean is the author of two books, published in ten languages:

Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Living and Dolphins Into The Future

In 1989 while swimming in Hawaiian waters, she was approached by a pod of 100 spinner dolphins who surrounded her and then continued to swim with her for two miles. Ms. Ocean understood their empathetic and sound communication through feelings, intellect and acoustic imagery. It is a meeting of the minds in all the cellular receptors of our body.

Her most recent communications from the cetaceans include a process using neuro-sonic harmonies and precise tetrahedral resonances for advancing into varying frequencies of refined, loving energies inhabited by other sentient beings. She can access vibrational-frequency-environments that exist beyond Time. Once beyond Time, we can travel anywhere in the local Universe. This experience has been replicated artistically by Jean-Luc Bozzoli in his latest film.

Joan and the dolphins have been visiting the many futures of planet Earth and using the knowledge obtained there to awaken people to the powerful significance of their own futures and their present lives.

Implementing the teachings of the dolphins, Joan facilitates Week With Joan Ocean Seminar where people visit future worlds and parallel realities accompanied by the dolphins.

The evolution of human beings through gentle enlightenment and natural joy has been the center of Joan Ocean's work for the past 27 years.