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Guest Name
Jill Rege
Guest Occupation
Writer, educator and advocate
Guest Biography

Jill Rege has been in been in the special needs parenting trenches for more than 14 years. She has three boys, currently ages 17, 11, and 8. Her oldest son recovered from autism through extensive therapy and use of biomedical and dietary interventions. Her mission is to help support and educate other families who choose alternative treatments for developmental delays, seeing it as optimizing a child’s potential through optimizing health. Her younger boys also have development delays and health issues, which she addresses through similar treatments and specialized diets. Prior to parenthood, she was a freelance and corporate marketing writer, editor, and webmaster. Jill is currently co-moderator of the Autism-Biomed-BayArea Yahoo group. She also co-chaired a biomed parents support for several years through Parents Helping Parents in San Jose, CA, for parents pursuing special diet and biomedical treatments for their children with autism. Jill is a member of Team TMR, the fundraising arm of the Thinking Moms’ Revolution. Team TMR raises money to fund unrestricted treatment grants for kids with developmental disabilities, particularly autism, PDD, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and others. Jill writes for the Thinking Moms’ blog under the name Zorro. Jill has a masters in Communications Management and is currently enrolled in a BioIndividual Nutrition course and is in the process of becoming a Nutritional Therapist. When she’s not trying to figure out how to feed her family or strapping herself into the driver’s seat of her minivan, Jill can be found napping, flipping through Facebook, reading, or binge watching “Scandal.”