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Guest Name
Jill Gatsby
Guest Occupation
Political Translator, Music Video producer, Comedian, Artist, Writer
Guest Biography


Jill Gatsby just so happens to be a political translator for the most important entity in this entire solar system! She works for #YourMutha at “earthspeaksout” where she has animated the planet and given her a voice that’s a mix between Jason Alexander and Phyllis Diller.

#BadMutha is the latest music video Jill Gatsby produced for Earth Speaks Out, where she is playing a #BADMUTHA with co-star, her son, Gabriel Gocobachi!

Jill is one of the founders of The Sanford Meisner Center For The Arts and worked with Mr. Sanford Meisner for seven years in New York, Bequia and Los Angeles.  She is also the founder of the SuperCellular Music, Science and Arts Program that is currently in development here in Los Angeles.

Jill Gatsby has been doing comedy since she came out of the womb and then continued on to the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd all the way back in 1886.  I’m sorry. 1996. She really looks great for her age! These days she’s doing her stand up comedy on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK LIVE when she’s got the time off from building content for SuperCellular.

Some of her comedic work includes writing both the one-man show & feature film, “Holyman Undercover” starring David White, Fred Willard and Pauli Shore. She’s also acted in a couple of very funny Henry Jaglom films with Tanna Fredrick, and she’s died in 6 bad horror films! Finally, she is rekindling her coma of a career by portraying YOUR liver as an adorable and relatable organ everyone wants to learn from!  Meet Little Liver!

Jill is also an artist of recycled bottles and did an art installation last year in 2017 at the BEQUINOX ART FESTIVAL with her BELIEVE BOTTLE ART INSTALLATION where she transforms bottles headed for landfills into gorgeous LED Lighting systems that resemble alien oceans.

Visit Jill Gatsby on Facebook or look For FRESH MORNING NEWS on how to live with a sense of humor and love your Electrons … because face it, you can’t live without ‘em!