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Guest Name
Jeff Kane
Dr. Jeffery Kane, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean, Writer, Educator, Philosopher and Poet
Guest Occupation
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean, Writer, Educator, Philosopher, Poet
Guest Biography

Dr. Jeff Kane is a philosopher whose work has focused on the intuitive and imaginative elements of human knowledge. His world was forever changed in 2003 when his eldest son Gabriel died, propelling Jeff to explore meaning and other realms of existence. His book of poetry, Life as a Novice, expresses the powerful and raw emotions felt by all those who grieve. However, the awakening to a world beyond, the evidence for the indestructable bond of love, and the spiritual knowledge gained from looking within can offer hope to the hopeless.

Dr. Jeffrey Kane was appointed vice president for Academic Affairs in July, 2002. Prior to his appointment, he served for one year as the acting vice president for Academic Affairs, and for the five years prior, as the dean of the School of Education at the LIU Post campus.

Dr. Kane is responsible for the academic quality of the educational programs taught by LIU faculty members across all of the campuses. During his tenure, he has used his position to further extend the University's focus on students and their educational needs. Working with the deans and faculty members, he has helped to establish numerous innovative programs that offer students new and dynamic opportunities to further their education. With recently developed programs such as a doctoral degree in interdisciplinary educational studies at LIU Post, a joint master's degree in social work at the LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post campuses, doctoral degrees in pharmacy and physical therapy at LIU Brooklyn, and an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in forensic science at LIU Post, he has guided the University in aggressively pursuing its mission of "Access and Excellence" in higher education.

Dr. Kane has led the way toward expanding the ranks of full-time faculty members while continuing to work with them to further develop the quality of teaching across the institution. He also has promoted effectively the importance of faculty scholarly activity as an intellectual foundation for an institution that is devoted to discovery and to the pursuit of knowledge. While meeting the demands of his current position, Dr. Kane has continued to write on matters related to the growth of the human mind including, most notably, contributing to and editing a volume of original essays titled "Education, Information and Transformation," which was published by Merrill Prentice Hall.