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Guest Name
Janet Russell
Guest Occupation
Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Advisor, TV Host, Radio Show Host, Lecturer
Guest Biography

Janet Russell is a psychic/medium/spiritual advisor and a TV Host on one of New York's top cable access shows, the psychic program "Beyond the Unexplained".Janet has been featured on shows such as A&E Paranormal State, as well as, PIX Channel 11 Haunted NY which was nominated for an “Emmy” award and PIX CH11 Psychic to the Stars. She has been mentioned in several books and worked with police on the infamous Katie Beers kidnapping case where a 9 year old girl was miraculously found alive 17 days later. She has also worked with New York police on several murder cases during her career.


Janet Russell is a psychic/medium/spiritual advisor as well as a TV Host on one of New York's top cable access shows, the psychic program "Beyond The Unexplained". This well known show has been for approximately 5 years all over the country, including New Mexico, Minnesota, Arizona, and St. Catherine's, Ontario Canada. She has been a guest on many cable shows as far away as Florida and Arizona.

Janet has co-hosted a well known radio show with Eddie Middleton, called "NIGHT SEARCH". She was also featured on the "BILLY DEE RADIO SHOW".

Janet has lectured on many subjects such as psychic experiences, as well as UFO ABDUCTIONS. Janet has had a few major experiences that have led her to be very well known and qualified psychic/spiritual medium. Janet worked with the police on the "KATIE BEERS" kidnapping, she is also mentioned in the book written about the case, as she was the only psychic to correctly state "Katie was chained by the neck" in the horrid situation and helped investigators to the area where Katie was being held.

Janet's readings consist of Astrology/Palmistry Psychometry as well as SPiritual Communications. SHe believes in getting the truth out there, in a very gentle and honest way. Janet has been doing ""Psychic readings" for the past 40 years. She had a near death experience in 1993 which actually opened her communication with people that have passed over. She attributes her gift from God and states that she is just a vessel, and that she at times is amazed at the information she receives. To contact Janet please see the websites link.