Guest, James Nienhuis

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James Nienhuis
James I. Nienhuis, Geologist, Genesis Historian, Author and Researcher
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Geologist, Genesis Historian, Author, Researcher
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James I. Nienhuis graduated from Dartmouth College in 1976 with a degree in geology, and has studied ancient history pertaining to the Genesis account since 1985. His first book Old Earth was published in 2003, and his second book, Ice Age Civilizations, has already received rave reviews, and is destined to change the way we look at ancient history, because it explains how the ancients were able to measure and thereby map the earth with a simple mechanical device, during the Ice Age, which ended much later than is commonly advertised, as the evidence plainly reveals.

Nienhuis is an expert in study of past civilizations, showing they were far more advanced than current experts are willing to acknowledge, and perhaps more advanced than contemporary civilization, as the ancient ruins show. The amazing advanced nature of these civilizations leads many to theorize that they are the product of either ultra advanced humans in the past, and/or ultra advanced extraterrestrials in the past who showed humans how to build, farm, and live (this is the ‘ancient astronaut theory’). He is also an expert on the theory that the earth (and perhaps the universe) is not old, and is very young. This theory is difficult for many to digest since they are inundated with theories that the earth and universe is very old through the information in schools and on TV, without ever being shown the information that contradicts old earth and universe theories, and without ever being shown the strengths of the young earth and universe theories.