Guest, Gwendolyn McNutt

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Gwendolyn McNutt
Gwendolyn S McNutt
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Gwendolyn McNutt has an amazing story of love, perseverance, loss, and faith. Her book "Angels Never Die" tells the story of the loss of their 4 sons to diseases that they could not have known about in advance. This book shows us how love and faith can help overcome the most tragic circumstances and how she became stronger during the hardest of times. This story also teaches us well beyond anything else that understanding the gifts of God and standing on the faith that He will provide the means to overcome the grief and pain of such a tragedy is the only way we have of dealing with life here on earth. Angels Never Die is a testament to the lives of her four sons and a story that will melt your heart and make you realize the important things in life are right there before you.